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"Rainbow Striped" JJGalleries Premium Designer Boxer Briefs

"Rainbow Striped" JJGalleries Premium Designer Boxer Briefs


Don't just wear any old briefs all day. House your family jewels in JJGalleries "Rainbow Striped" best briefs - underwear specifically engineered to reduce the risk of chafing. Whether lounging around the house or running a marathon, JJGalleries best briefs feature micro-fiber blend designed to keep high friction areas cool. Your package will thank you.  Fabrics are vegan, moisture wicking & wrinkle-free!

  • Inseam: 3"
  • Ultra Soft Engineered Jersey Fabric (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex)
  • Machine Washable
  • Sizes XS to XL
  • Made in Canada
  • Care and Composition

    Machine Washable & Wrinkle-free
    Fabric great for travelling!
    Using the dryer could damage clothes faster in the long run. However, they can go without a problem, since the fabric is already shrunk and has already been heated to 400 degrees.

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